Tyler has been tattooing since 2009 but that wasn’t the beginning of his passion for art.  With heavy influences from his years as a graffiti writer and skateboarder his work is bright, bold, and full of life with exaggerated style and in your face colors.  Unfortunately he sucked as a skateboarder and sneaking out to vandalize the local train yard in the early morning wasn’t going to land him anywhere except an early grave if mom and pops ever caught him.  At least he doesn’t suck at tattooing. Tyler enjoys tattooing colorful new age tattoos and fancy flowing calligraphy but has versed himself in many other styles so rest assured there’s something for everyone.  When he’s not tattooing he enjoys playing countless hours of video games, puppies, and training to be the next Evil Knieval. That’s right, not only does he ruin parents kids one tattoo at a time, he lives life on the edge…two wheels on the line.

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