I'm a 29 year old tattoo artist/rainbow who's been tattooing for 5 years. I typically gravitate to bright colored tattoos with a cute girly theme but have a very yin and yang vibe as I also love weird and dark psychedelic artwork. I do a lot of watercolor as it makes for a great excuse to pull out the paints and just have fun. Abstract art is truly as passion of mine and you can see this influence in much of my other art as well as my tattoos. I've been heavily traveling with the Villain Arts Tattoo Arts Convention circuit. I do body suspension and was hired on to do that as well as doing tattooing before my performances. I'm not a body piercer but I am licensed to for this purpose. Suspension is more of my hobby art form I do it professionally but as art and not a service I really provide to general public. I worked at a tattoo shop for 3 years as an apprentice before receiving my licenses in the state of Arkansas, after which I traveled to Western New York to work for a year. I moved back to Florida when my grandmother passed to be by my family again. I've worked in Florida 3 years now and really enjoy being back beach side. I love tattooing ocean creatures and take a lot of inspiration from the Florida way of life. If I'm not tattooing or swinging from hooks I'm painting, kayaking, fishing or just splashing in the ocean like a mermaid should.

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