The very name can cause a rift in any optimist's care-free existence. Phil was birthed in New York, and after ten years he was relocated to Florida where he discovered his hidden talent as a belly button ventriloquist. Phil has been tattooing since 1999, painting since middle school, and working with charcoal since grade school. This bespectacled nihilist of a character is particularly known for his portrait work and cover ups, but he's made a point to do great work no matter the style. A vehement carnivore and cereal connoisseur, Phil's favorite mediums include charcoal, graphite, tempera, acrylic, oil, and pastels. he finds great joy in tattooing, drawing, or painting oddities and subjects that evoke interesting conversation. He enjoys practical jokes, seeing old people trip or fall, loose fitting pants, and doing great looking tattoos.

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