Mike was born in the country side of New Jersey ABOUT three decades ago. As aN early teen he and his family migrated to sunny south Florida to escape the persecution of Bon Jovi and his hair. Upon finishing a sub par public education in high school where he earned a respectable twelfth grade degree, Mike began an abusive apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist in a vein attempt to find himself. After several years and hundreds of dollars OF therapy, Mike finally found it safe to label himself as a "tattoo artist" and followed his dream. He is very open minded and enjoys tattooing many different styles. However, being brainwashed by Mortal Kombat and Pantera for so many years, Mike has a special place in his heart for TATTOOING  dark and controversial PIECES. If you want to upset your parents, he will do his best to help you out. When not tattooing, Mike enjoys reading books to appear more intelligent, frying his brain in front of his Xbox.

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