My name is Max and I do sick tats! I’ve lived in South Florida my whole life and don’t see any reason to leave. I was always interested in art and drawing while I was growing up. Skateboarding graphics and culture are some of the earliest influences on my work; I can remember as far back as middle school, drawing battle like scenarios between various skateboard brand mascots. I continued to draw avidly throughout high school, but took a small hiatus when I started college at FAU. After becoming increasingly bored with school, I began to focus on my drawing while the thought of picking up tattooing floated around my head. After a couple years of refining my drawing and working on finishing up my studio art degree, I decided that it was time for me to find an apprenticeship. To my luck, Aces High was looking for an apprentice right around this same time, so I applied, and a couple weeks later I had the job! I like working with bright colors, mostly in new school or neo-traditional styles. Animals, skulls, eyes, and flowers are frequent subject matter in my work. Besides tattooing, colored pencil is by far my favorite artistic medium. If I’m not drawing or tattooing you can probably find me hanging out at the beach, skateboarding, going out with friends, or eating burritos!

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