Matt grew up in a small spooky town in upstate New York. He moved with his family when he was just a young teen to the sunny shores of South Florida. Returning to the north to study Fine art in Baltimore. He then moved to England and backpacked through the far corners of Europe. Staying in many hostels, fortunately hostels are not like the movies and he was able to finish his schooling and return to Florida in 2001. That's when he started his career as a tattoo artist. He has a fascination for creepy crawlies and all things that go bump in the night, and of course art. He enjoys many different styles and themes of tattoos but especially fond of black and grey, portraiture, horror themed and dark styled tattoos. He will put his spin on any design to make it new and unique. When he isn't busy drawing, painting, and tattooing he is busy collecting odd props from well know and obscure horror movies. When he is not wearing his Freddy sweater and swing around his screen used Jason machete he is busy chasing around his cute and adorable little boy.

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