You can call me J. I am a father, husband, and down to earth fun-loving guy with 23 years of having a machine in my hand. I started drawing at 6 years old mimicking Walt Disney drawing Mickey Mouse from the beginning of Disney Cartoon Classics VHS tapes and never lost my love for creating. Many moons, comic books, doodles, and cartoons later, tattooing began to pique my interest. After sliding into the chair on my 18th birthday for my first one, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Enter clichéd tale of ordering a Huck Spaulding kit out of the back of a magazine! (You see kids, ordering online wasn’t always available) Tattooing on the side of multiple full time jobs gave way to an opportunity to professionally work full time in 2006. I love working in a number of styles including black & gray, realism, floral, cover-ups, and anything pop-culture. Look forward to seeing you in the chair!

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