My name is Jake Steele. It’s no alias, I am just a quiet kid with a dream from a small town in the woods of southwestern Pennsylvania who never grew up. By the age of Thirteen, art and music began to take hold of my life and lead me down a road that strayed drastically from the path of my family’s conservative, blue-collar household. In 2011, I anxiously entered a local tattoo shop for my first tattoo. After seeing the meticulously constructed tattoo equipment and feeling that first jolt of endorphins rush through my veins, I was hooked. I remember saying to myself, “I can do that, I need to do that”, so, I rushed home and searched through my DVR to find episodes of LA Ink to begin my investigation of the craft. I was a 20-year-old, scrawny, college nerd studying chemistry in pursuit of a career as a family physician. I didn’t know art, I knew no one with tattoos, and my peers were shocked at my recent decision to mark my body. In 2014, I achieved my B.A. in Art History and Theatre Practicum from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. After graduating college, I participated in and hosted over 20 group art shows and created a visual performance series recognized by major publications throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. In 2015, I jumped head first into my professional tattoo career and built a regional following that helped me build a strong portfolio and gain credibility in the area. I began traveling the country soon after in 2016 and participated in numerous tattoo and pop-culture conventions and I took home my first professional award “Tattoo of the Day” at one of the oldest tattoo conventions in the country, Meeting of the Marked, in Pittsburgh, PA. In August 2017, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to focus on my tattoo career while elevating my local following into a national brand. I regularly attend tattoo conventions around the country to promote my work, take career-boosting seminars, and enter my tattoos in competitions. I currently tattoo at Aces High Tattoo in Boynton Beach, Florida and when I’m not tattooing, I enjoy writing and performing music, reading books, and pursuing my favorite pastime, Juggling. I constantly push myself and strive to make each day a new adventure. I live life to the fullest and seek to motivate and inspire others while leaving a positive impact on our younger generation of artists.

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