Born in ’77 on an air force base in Minot, North Dakota my family moved around a bit when I was young; we lived in Boston, somewhere in Ohio, and Atlanta before settling in Tampa where I finished grade school and high school. I would draw more than most kids, but I wasn’t super focused on art; In retrospect I really wish I had made art a priority earlier. I also had some exposure to tattoos and the tattooing process when I was high school. I was fascinated with the possibilities for imagery and the process of making art on the most unique canvas, living skin. I bought my first machines in March of ‘97 at 19 years old and I began tattooing myself and friends with no guidance and a horrible lack of knowledge or understanding of what I was doing. For many reasons, this is not the way to get into the business. Somewhere around ‘99 or 2000 I got my first tattooing job with Judith at American ink in Lake Worth. I only worked there about a year and a half, but Judy and I remained good friends until she passed away a couple years ago. I then worked at a well-known shop in West Palm for 3 and a half years, sometimes at 3 locations a week. I left there in ’05 to work at a shop in Pompano. That shop was taking a while to open, so a friend introduced me to the Aces High dudes right before they were set to open (but after all the hard work was done) it was an excellent fit, and the West Palm shop opened in Oct of ’05. I think everyone, and anyone has the potential to make art, you just have to focus and practice. You don’t have to be naturally gifted but I’m sure it helps! I worked at the West Palm Aces High for 8 years and learned a whole lot about ethics, professionalism, and how to be a better artist and businessman before we opened the Jupiter shop in 2013. These days I like to do color, realism, black and grey and neo-traditional themes, but I’m open to anything that can be made into a nice tattoo and I enjoy diversity in imagery and style. I’m very fortunate to have gotten where I am, to be part of the Aces High Crew.

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