“Ashley was the only child I know who could make a mess out of one piece of paper” - Nana


I haven’t known a time in my life where I wasn’t experimenting with or creating art. Any art material I could get my hands on I was putting to use, including the things in my grandmother’s house that weren’t meant to be drawn on...I’ve spent years and countless hours honing my passion to create, from drawings on friends notebooks and award based art scholarships to carving out a career as a commercial body painter and freelance artist. My greatest fortune was when this path lead me to tattooing where my passion to make art turned into a passion to serve others. I regard tattooing as one of the highest art forms and greatest honor as an artist. My mission is give each of my clients an authentic work of art that honors their story and individuality for years to come.  I’ve worked in many styles and genres, it was through this experience that I developed my bold approach to quality design in tattooing, mixed media art, and illustration. My current passion lies in perfecting fine line work while blending both a modern and traditional expression of the discipline. Having worked in the fashion industry as a professional model for over 9 years while simultaneously working as commercial artist and tattooist for the past 8 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many creative clients on a wide range of projects, productions, and campaigns. This hands on experience has influenced my approach to design and art direction, teaching me exactly how to flatter the form as it engages its environment, whether it be skin, fabric, canvas, or center stage.

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